Infection Control Certification

A great number of professionals in the healthcare field must undergo infection control continuing education. Typically, they need to take re-certification every 4 years. If you need to take such courses you must make sure that the infection control course is offered by a school or college which is an approved provider of the continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentializing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Specialists such as registered nurses, respiratory therapists or dental hygiene assistants must complete these courses.

In order to be able to earn your certificate in infection control, you have to score 70% or higher at the examination. The main aim of these courses is to offer healthcare professionals a thorough understanding of the current infection control procedures and practices, all of which must be applied within the healthcare facility. Some of the topics include:

-Contact precautions

-Standard infection… Continue reading

According to state legislature there is quite a wide portion of healthcare professionals who must go through infection control training every four years. Dental assistants, dentists, physicians and their assistants, optometrists or podiatrists are only a few professionals who must take the course. However, there are others who do not have to take such training, and they might miss the importance of infection control training.


Top important reasons why you should take infection control and prevention training if you are a healthcare professional:


  • Regardless of the healthcare facility or healthcare position that you hold, infection is a risk all healthcare professionals must deal with. Dental assistants do have to take this training, but this doesn’t mean that a nurse in a rehabilitation home is less exposed to risks of infection than the dental assistant. Both need this type of training in order… Continue reading
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